Pinched Nerve Treatments

Many people in Baton Rouge, LA, will experience a pinched nerve at some point. Fortunately, Dr. Damon Butler of the Central Chiropractic Center provides several chiropractic treatments that can alleviate the symptoms of a nerve problem and improve your overall quality of life. 

Spinal Decompression Therapy

An effective method to treat pinched nerves is by using spinal decompression therapy. 

During decompression therapy, you will lie on a table with the motorized traction device attached to your neck or lower back. Dr. Butler will utilize a motorized traction device to stretch your spine. It is the stretching of your spine that relieves the pressure on the nerve that is causing your discomfort.


Another method that Dr. Butler may use to treat your condition is called flexion/distraction. 

Flexion/distraction is similar to spinal decompression therapy in that they both focus on stretching the spine. However, where the two treatments differ is in their execution. 

During your flexion/distraction treatment, you will lay face down on the chiropractic table where Dr. Butler applies pressure to your spine with his hands using a rhythmic pumping motion. This rhythmic hand motion allows your spine to stretch, thus relieving pressure on your pinched nerve in Baton Rouge, LA.

Diversified Techniques

Like flexion/distraction, diversified techniques employ a hands-on approach to treating nerve issues. 

Dr. Butler will put pressure on specific vertebrae using his hands or chiropractic tools using this technique. 

Of course, diversified techniques are most effective when they are employed alongside other effective chiropractic techniques, such as stretches and massage therapy.

Activator Adjustments

Another treatment method that Dr. Butler might recommend is an activator adjustment.

Instead of maneuvering your body with manual adjustments, activator adjustments use a handheld tool called an activator to apply mild force to a specific place on your spine.

The purpose of this method is to utilize the light force applied by the handheld activator to realign your spine. 

Call the Central Chiropractic Center at (225) 706-0454 to get relief from your pinched nerve in Baton Rouge, LA, with the help of Dr. Butler.

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