Degenerative Disc Treatments

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What Is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Found along the spinal column are small cushions known as spinal discs. These spinal discs perform vital roles.

First off, the spinal discs are responsible for minimizing strain on your vertebrae. Whenever the bones in your vertebrae are compressed, the spinal discs reduce the pressure applied to each one. You normally do not feel that strain, thanks to your spinal discs.

Aside from serving as cushioning discs, the spinal discs are also responsible for facilitating the movements of your spine. They allow you to bend and twist your vertebrae without experiencing discomfort.

Spinal discs are critical for minimizing discomfort. Expect to be diagnosed with degenerative disc disease if those elements of your spine are causing back pain.

Receiving a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease means the cushions between the bones in your spinal column are wearing down. These spinal discs do not recover from the accumulated damage over the years.

Older individuals are more likely to suffer from this disease. That’s mainly because an older person’s spinal discs are more dried out. The gradual loss of fluid in the spinal discs reduces their ability to provide cushioning. Generally speaking, people become more susceptible to degenerative disc disease when they are over 40.

Additional risk factors can make you more susceptible to developing degenerative disc disease. Those factors include a smoking habit, obesity, and working a job that places constant strain on your back. You should get checked if you have a higher risk of suffering from degenerative disc disease.

Baton Rouge, LA, residents seeking degenerative disc treatments can also consult Dr. Butler of Central Chiropractic Center.

Which Degenerative Disc Disease Treatments Consistently Deliver Results?

Chiropractors can use different degenerative disc treatments to mitigate the effects of your condition, but flexion distraction and spinal decompression therapy are among the most effective options.

With flexion distraction, the chiropractor uses a special table for support while they work on your spine. The table is designed to work with the techniques used by the chiropractor. They work in concert to offer relief for your disease.

Spinal decompression therapy is different because the chiropractors do not administer any adjustments. Instead, they rely on the specially designed table to grant you relief. They will gradually stretch your spine using the table. The negative pressure created by the stretching motions will ease the strain on your vertebrae and direct healing nutrients to the structures surrounding your spinal discs.

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