Activator Method

When you think of chiropractic care, you may first think of things like hands-on spinal manipulation and massage therapy. While such forms of care can be highly effective for addressing a huge range of health problems, chiropractors have many more tools in their toolbox, such as the Activator technique. We’ll cover what this is and when it’s useful in a moment. If you’re looking for a chiropractor who can perform Activator techniques in Baton Rouge, LA, schedule an appointment with Dr. Damon Butler at the Central Chiropractic Center.

What is the Activator Technique?

The Activator technique uses a specialized handheld device to deliver highly controlled, quick, and generally gentle impacts to the spine. This allows chiropractors to fine-tune forces, which can result in more exacting treatment and better results.

A chiropractor will typically have a patient lie down on a treatment table. From there, using an Activator technique device, the treatment provider will deliver precise impacts to the vertebrae. Often, chiropractors start in the lower back and work their way up. This process may be repeated several times. During treatment, the patient will be asked to remain still.

The gentle impacts can encourage the spine to get back into proper alignment. The Activator Technique is one of the gentlest forms of care. Further, the tools used are very precise and the force that’s delivered will be confined to rather small areas.

The chiropractor may also use other techniques to straighten out the spinal cord as well, such as spinal decompression. Of course, the Activator technique may also be applied on its own. Ultimately, it’s crucial to work with a chiropractor to craft a pain management plan that’s right for you.

Looking for someone who can utilize Activator techniques in Baton Rouge, LA? Come see Dr. Butler at the Central Chiropractic Center.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

So why should you use the Activator technique and other forms of chiropractic care? First, chiropractic care focuses on resolving underlying issues. This means that the pain relief you enjoy could turn out to be long-lasting. Ultimately, this can improve your quality of life and produce many benefits.

Additionally, chiropractic care doesn’t rely on medication. This is important because pain medications can be addicting or have other long-term side effects, and many people become physically dependent on them. Further, pain medications usually only block pain signals from reaching the brain. This means that the body isn’t really healing, but instead, you’re simply ignoring the pain and injuries.

If you’d like to try Activator techniques in Baton Rouge, LA, you can call 225 706 0454 to reach Dr. Butler at the Central Chiropractic Center. He can also perform other chiropractic treatment methods.

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