Headache Relief

Have you been suffering from headaches lately? Many people throughout their day experience headaches or even migraines. There are a lot of different factors that can cause headaches such as environmental or even genetic conditions, but there are the biomechanics of your body, as well. Fortunately, there is a medication-free method that you can rely on to help you overcome tension around your skull and referred head pain. Central Chiropractic Center in Baton Rouge, LA is here to provide you with the highest quality in chiropractic care so that you can get back to a pain-free life. 

How Does Chiropractic Care Alleviate Headaches?

Headaches can be associated with the nervous system. Unfortunately, our musculoskeletal system can become unbalanced as time goes on and this can put direct pressure on the nerves, as well as forcing muscles to tighten too much. Chiropractic care aims to correct subluxations in the musculoskeletal system and provide you with relief. These powerful and painless adjustments, which we deliver via hand or instrument, can provide rapid improvements. However, more than one visit may be necessary for the full effect and for the underlying problem to be permanently resolved.

Headaches can end up causing a major disruption in your life and become incredibly debilitating. This may be especially true if the pain is being referred from a blockage in your neck, which would be known as a cervicogenic headache. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way forever. Flexion/distraction treatments are used to help a herniated spinal disc move back into place, which would take pressure off the nerves and fluid in the neck.

Seeking Help When You Need It

Whether you have been suffering from headaches recently or it has been a chronic problem, know that you are not alone in your struggles. That is why you need to seek out Central Chiropractic Center in Baton Rouge, LA for help with your headaches. We provide holistic care that is dependable and relaxing. Our team is always up to date on any new techniques or breakthrough ways of thinking in the holistic care industry. Give us a call today at 225-706-0454 to schedule your appointment with us. Our team is looking forward to helping you whenever you need it the most.

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